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What Encourages Electric Mobility in Land Transport

Establishing Environmental Incentives

That Establishes the Integrated Management of Solid Waste in Public Institutions

Draft 2

That Modifies Law 51 of September 29, 2010, That Creates the AAUD

Regulating the Reduction and Progressive Replacement of Single-Use Plastics

On Reduction of the  Role in Public Management 

Draft 5

Which Establishes Minimum Standards for the Granting of Scholarships and Educational Criteria

Bill 67

That Strengthens the Regime of Fines and Sanctions for Improper Disposal of Garbage

Bill 611

Against Influence Peddling and in Favor of la Meritocracy in the Republic of Panama

Bill 170

Regulating Integrated Management de Resources Hydric

Bill 232

That Modifies the Code Prosecutor of the Republic of Panama, Economic Relief

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